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Wedgewood Grey: The Black or White Chronicles, ...
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Fifteen years after the notorious War at Cat Lake, Missy Parker, the child who stood in the center of the demonic war, now lives in Texas with her husband, Pat. But Satan´s minions remain at Cat Lake, waiting. On a bleak night in April, 1960, evil is aroused. An innocent black woman is attacked by a mob of white men. Old Mose Washington confronts the men with a 12-gauge shotgun, and people die. When the dawn comes, Mose is a fugitive, diligently pursued by an FBI agent who is unprepared to accept the nature of the forces at work here. Missy and Pat rush home to the Delta to find that the forces of darkness have been eagerly anticipating her return. So begins the second battle in the War at Cat Lake in this compelling story of the conflict between the physical and spirit worlds played out in the lives of Missy Parker and Mose Washington. 1. Language: English. Narrator: G. Valmont Thomas. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Enthüllte Geheimnisse der Farbenbereitung für O...
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Enthüllte Geheimnisse der Farbenbereitung für Oel-Wasser-Tusch-Pastell-Emaille-Seiden-und Wachs-Malerei:Nebst der Kunst zu Bronziren, zu Glasiren und nach Wedgewoods Methode auf Steinguth zu Malen (Classic Reprint) Unknown Author

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