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Penguin Verlag Peter Rabbit - Baby Record Book
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Das englischsprachige Erinnerungsalbum ´´Peter Rabbit - Baby Record Book´´ aus dem Penguin Verlag bewahrt Daten, Anekdoten und Fotos aus der ersten Lebenszeit liebevoll auf. Von der Schwangerschaft über die Geburt bis durch das erste Lebensjahr begleitet das niedlich illustrierte Buch mit Peter Rabbit und wird so zu einem wertvollen Schatz für alle Zeit. Jetzt schnell und sicher bei tausendkind bestellen.

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Stehe als Babysitter in 10247 Berlin zur Verfüg...
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To do a quick ´this is me´ sum-up: My name is Wiep. I have finished a Bachelor degree at the the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands, and in October 2018 moved to Berlin to start with a Masters Bioinformatics at the FU Berlin. Which I am enjoying a grat deal so far. I think the description ´´All about smiles and positivity, in a non-hippie way´´ suits me rather good. I´m good humored, spontaneous and easy going. I love sports and outdoorsy stuff. Hiking, cycling, climbing, swimming, camping, you name it. And when indoors at the end of the day I very much enjoy cooking and reading a good book. (Just in case you´d appreciate a good book tip: I just finished reading The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro, would highly recommend it!) Back in The Netherlands I did a lot of babysitting, which I enjoyed a lot. And thus I was hoping to pick it up again over here. I have years of experience with infants, up to children of 13 years old. My English is fluent. My German however does still need some work. I do understand it when it´s spoken, but when I need to speak it myself it´s far from perfect yet. I do plan on picking it up in record time of course. I would love a chance to meet you and look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to give me a call! My contact details are stored in the profile. With love, Wiep

Stand: 21.09.2019
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